Jonas Augustsson, flute

"I long ago observed that the real beauty of the sound comes from the generosity of the heart." (M. Moyse)

Welcome to the website of Jonas Augustsson, flutist  

Jonas is principal flutist in the Swedish Wind Ensemble lead by conductor Christian Lindberg. He is also one of the most popular freelance musicians in Sweden. He recently sat in with the London Philharmonic playing first flute (listen to live cd(read 5 star review in Times )and has played first flute in in all major Swedish symphony and opera orchestras as well.
Jonas worked with Benny Anderersson of ABBA fame on the musicals "
Kristina from Duvemåla" and “Chess”. Andersson expressed appreciation of Jonas musicality and sound.
His recordings,Flute Pieces” and “
Flute Sonatasare available via CDbaby. “Flute Sonatas” was on radio channel Classic FM’s best-selling list for seven weeks running. And “Flute Pieces” attracted the attention of television show “Musikspegeln” Further, Jonas has contributed to about 50 other recordings.
Educated in 
Gothenburg, he took his soloist diploma after his performance (to rave reviews) with the Gothenburg Symphony of Carl Nielsen’s Flute Concerto. He has also get private lessons under the great Sir James Galway who he still have contact with.
Jonas is known for the beautiful tone and sensitive ear which make him a skillful ensemble and solo musician


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